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Don’t be shocked. You DID arrive at this domain:

Mark Mark
But why then does it say Cutie Paws on the page?

Megan Megan
I’ll let the doc explain. It’s domain parking.


Dr. Halls
Domain Parking

My apologies, truly. The website you wanted, was actually expired and abandoned for quite a while. I’ve recently discovered it, bought it, and intend to develop it into something useful again, but I haven’t had time to complete the work yet. So this domain is being automatically forwarded onto Cutie Paws, (which is also one my domains that is being resurrected from abandonment).

Mark Mark
I see. Well it’s kind of a waste of time then.

Megan Megan
Ya, but at least it isn’t showing stupid ads.


Speaking of stupid, here are a few jokes.

For my birthday, my friend gave me a sweater. I would have preferred a moaner, or a screamer.

I saw a guy and his fly was down, and I didn’t know how to tell him. And he didn’t know how to say Thank-you when I zipped it up for him.


cutiepaws chickens
penguinThe woman who invented this site was deeply against animal cruelty, so she decided to create a business involving sewing crafts, creating art, and raising money and awareness. She also thought it was a great idea that when you bought them, 60% of the sale would donate to AAF, Animals Asia and China Bear Rescue. CutiePaws
This website previously sold stuffies named “Calhoun the moon bear”, “Theopolis the Turtle”, “Mr. Percival Oinks”, “Cooper and Elsie”, “Danny the Giraffe”, “Friesen the Penguin”, “Pepper the Cardinal”, and “Pheneas the lobster.” Pretty silly - but cute at the same time if you ask me…

It’s about time to move on…

I just can’t even hear about animal cruelty… It doesn’t even make sense to me.. And it makes me feel really depressed and it ruins my day.
But I have decided to stick with a website including all sorts of different arts and crafts, because it’s interesting and super fun to see what people have created and come up with, which will also help you get some ideas! So check back again shortly! This page is going to be a lot of fun.


pg3-4-640x440While you are waiting…

Do you like being creative and crafty? I think this page will be perfect for you! And the most interesting part about it is that weight loss can also be a part of it. Check out Weight Loss Scrapbooking. This page is so much fun and has got me really wanting to scrapbook, that’s for sure.


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Pottery is the art of shaping clay into magnificent pieces using the hands or a potter’s wheel. Pottery pieces are highly priced for their exceptional beauty and are commonly used for home decoration. There are many items you can make from functional pieces, such as pitchers, mugs, pots and plates, to different arts and crafts pieces. If you want to get your hands dirty and construct some beautiful ceramic objects, here are some tips on how to get started…

Pottery making process:


Shaping of pottery pieces is done on ashaping fast-rotating potter’s wheel that a piece of clay is centered on or done by hand which involves coiling clay ropes to form the required shape.


dryingThis is a very important stage of the pottery-making process. The drying should be done slowly, so that the pottery pieces don’t warp or crack. Generally, drying period is between two to fourteen days depending on the thickness of pottery pieces. It is important to ensure that a clay is completely dry before firing, otherwise it will warp, crack or explode.

16 cu ft bisque load

Bisque Firing:

This is the first firing, and sometimes the final, if there is no glazing. Firing helps transform the clay pieces so that they don’t ‘melt’ if left in water. Bisque firing needs to be done slowly so that the pottery pieces don’t break as a result of “thermal shock.”


Glazing helps to decorate pottery pieces and provide a non-permeable and non-porous barrier. This is critical for items, like vases and glazingtea cups, which require watertight pottery. There are a wide variety of glaze compositions, each with a unique effect on the pottery; they include micro-glass pieces and metal oxides. Pottery pieces are dipped in the glaze.


This is the last firing and is done in different ways, firingdepending upon the type of pottery or glazes. Most last firings are done in high temperature to melt the glaze and turn it into a non-permeable glass barrier. Firing is done in gas, electric or wood-fired kilns.


After pottery pieces have been made, you can decide to paint them. paintingThe most commonly used paint is acrylic. Small paint brushes are used to paint tiny details, though some people opt to paint the whole pot one color. Moreover, different materials may be added to the clay like gems, granite and stones.

How to learn pottery:

learningWhether you want to learn the art of making pottery and ceramics to exercise your creativity or for commercial purposes, there are many ways of learning this trade. Learn pottery by visiting nearby pottery stores that offer scheduled lessons, seminar periods and private lessons. The best part about these stores is that they offer hands-on teaching. You can also enroll for online pottery classes.

Review the sites of the community colleges in your locality that offer adult education or degree courses in ceramics. You can also search online and local book stores for pottery beginner books then read at your own pace. Check whether there is a local pottery or ceramic “Meetup” group where you can learn and share ideas on creating pottery.


All About The Affable and Artistic Carving

fruit_carving_dragon_by_carvingnations-d33ku46Carving is an artistic as well as an amazingly fun-filled process of shaping something from a material using various tools. It is done by scraping away portions of a material in order to derive a beautiful artwork from it giving it some shape or form.
Any material that is solid enough to retain a shape even after the removal of its portions and yet soft enough for making scraping possible with the tools, can be carved out.

When carving is used in order to create a sculpture, is a bit different as it uses soft malleable materials such clay where it is shaped into forms when they are soft and then they are given time to get stiff later. This process is more time taking than other techniques to carve.

There is a wide range of types of carving and people interestingly carve out various types of objects and materials. Some of them are listed below…


Vegetable and Fruit Carving:

This type of carving is the artistic technique carving vegetables and fruits to give them the forms of beautiful objects. Usually, birds, animals and flowers are carved out of fruits and vegetables and presented in a decorative manner and also used with food servings. Food carving originated at Thai, Japanese and Chinese royal feasts.

P1000298aChip Carving:

Chip carving is a style in which small chips of the material from a flat surface in a single piece are removed with the help of chisels and knives. The style can be seen in the folk arts in many parts of the world.


Stone Carving:

This one is mainly an ancient artform. Rough stones are given a shape by careful and detailed removal of portions. Ancient stone carvings are still surviving due to the permanent nature of the material. It has been used for lettering, for creating designs and sculptures.

1cfa2d8c4bcdbba81ebac47545eed826Ivory Carving:

It involves the carving of animal tooth or tusk with the help of sharp cutting tools. The process can be mechanical as well as manual. Ivory carvings are usually considered luxurious and from the ancient times ornaments and designs are created by this method. Very intricate detailing can be achieved while carving this material.


Wood Carving:

This is one of the most commonly practiced form of carving. It involves working wood with a tool, usually a knife or chisel to create a wooden figure and also used for the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object. Wood is is very easy to carve because of its light nature and it can yield minute detailing. Sculptures, masks and decorative pieces and toys are carved out of wood.

8Bone Carving:

Art forms such as ornaments and figures are created by carving animal bones, antlers and horns.


fish carving in progress Feb 2011 002

Learning To Carve:

Buddha-CarvingAll it takes is patience as well as art and craft skills to learn this growing art. Knife skills and methods to use the tools are the key to learn carving. Both professionals and amateurs can begin the learning process with the help of various sources such as DVDs, online videos, classes as well as books. You can always indulge yourself in this affable hobby.

Starting A New Hobby… Quilting & Sewing

March-2011-1291Quilting and sewing are two of the most exciting activities in the world. They are also among the oldest forms of art in the world. If you just have the right materials and tools of trade you will truly enjoy yourself. Quilted fabrics have been a major hit in the world of fashion for a considerable length of time now. Basically, quilting is a sewing that is a little bit more complicated. Sewing and quilting do allow you to be creative with your work. This means that you can do it anyway you want to do it and there are no set rules that you to stick too religiously to.

Quilting and sewing machines:

Main_Quilting2Sewing machines have gotten ever better over the past few years. A few decades ago they were huge, metallic and came with a whole lot of levers to make the best of products. Nowadays, there are sewing- highly sophisticated machines at that. They come with pre-programmed designs that one can use to do their work. This is not to forget that there are machines that come with LCD screen displays through which one can get to learn how to do various stitches.

While it is possible to make quilts using a regular sewing machine, there are machines that are devoted solely for the purpose of quilting. The quilting machines are just as advanced as their counterparts. They come with all sorts features that make quilting so much easier and enjoyable regardless of your expertise in the trade.


Beginner quilting and sewing:

courtneyAs aforementioned, quilting and sewing are among the numerous arts that have been practiced for a really long time. The craft has been refined over the years and has gotten better with the arrival of information technology and more advanced tools of trade. It really does not matter whether you are an expert or a beginner in quilting and sewing, you can always learn. There is an abundance of information that will guide you in getting started. Depending on your learning speed and your dedication, you can learn how to sew within a really short period of time.
Perhaps it would also be helpful to mention that there are machines that are specifically designed for use by beginners. The beginner sewing and quilting machines are not as complex as those used by those who are advanced in the craft. These machines are also cheaper and have fewer features. This however is not to mean that the machines are not good. As a matter of fact they come in really handy when it comes to training yourself in the activity.

What will you need?

2014_cq_xo_quiltingThe reason why these two activities are among the most popular arts and crafts is because the materials needed for activity are relatively cheap and considerably easy to find. For quilting you will need the quilting fabric and the threads. The 011fabric might be a little bit costly but then it all depends on where you purchase it. The thread for sewing and quilting is very easy to access and it is very cheap. Once you have these, you can then start looking for the patterns and designs to employ in your art. This is where all the art comes in. You will most definitely enjoy yourself while quilting and sewing.

Rag Quilt - Moda Coquette (1)